Monday, April 13, 2009

Fig King & Market

Fig King (antlerheaded fat body thing) and Market (the scrawny lil kid w / 4 ears XD)
I've been drawing the fig king a TONNN lately xD
actually I think I have a good 9 pages just of him in my sketch book @__@. mostly cuz he's been for a school project so been gett'n a lot of action =w=

doodle I did while hanging around at AP :3
done w/ blue pencil- color added in photoshop


Monday, April 6, 2009

Moleskin16// 2 pages

two pager of the Fig King. Spaz colored and normal.

Your fav?

I'm not sure. probably will end up doing a totally diff version for a print but for how- i shall show.

copic and red pencil. spaz color version = photoshop

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Because this is all I've been doing the last two days.
been in a half zombie half cuddle mood. Its been working out for Shy and my sketchbook.

Lets start from top ta bottoms then.

Top are just doodles of some of my characters / body types XD Oin the skinny lil bitch thing. Cole who's average/ on the fit side. and then Guy <3 my favsies w/ his average build + baby fat XD . next to them is a drawing of little white and the fig king :B (possible sketch for elec illust cards)

Middle are Frick n Filli drawings *hurhurhurkissies* Frick = girl. FIlli = guy. on the left though kinda forgot his markings x.x oh well @.@

Bottoms are drawing of shy n i XD <3 kissiesss :3 (probably my fav up there besides the colors in the frick filli kissy makeout uhoh one) and nother drawing of the fig king @.@ drawn him a lot lately. probably cuz there's shit I gotta draw him for in class.

anyway- ENJOY :D
all drawings = pencil + copic

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Card Project: 1/4 preview


just showing off some of my horrible drawings XD and then the final lines (for now..will probably change as I color ) for one of the illust story cards.
nother thing for school / personal work. doubles as both.
Shy is working on putting together the stories she has written of little white and little dark. we both have a ton of drawings for them but I wanted to make a mini series to go into the book. Also doubles as a 'card' project we have to do for elec.illust. aka learning photoshop n painter *AHHAHAHAHAH* . .... .. .

This is one of the 4. Little dark hunting w/ foxes. If she gives us time tomorrow I'll start coloring this or the other one I have sketched out. I plan on doing at least 4 drawings (fronts) and one back (designish bullshit). 5 cards in total 6x9 w/ borders around the drawings (fancy) :B

wow I'm a busy mofo x.x