Monday, April 11, 2011

HMMMMM just more school bull. For Figuredrawing. part of a 4 piece series of Callam’s story. Watercolor + photoshop.

I am hungry : <

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Last project for Illust.Workshop class. Illust of 80's cartoon/show character.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nother Class project- Old Maid card set- design 3 cards + box top. I ended up designing 8 cards >_> ;;; most of which are on the ‘cover’ which is what this is. Type is super ugly but whatever. Mostly graded for Illust so party hard n back to more homework!!!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

first drawing of action figure I plan to make for Hasbro internship.

Going to do a turnaround so that I stick w/ the design : \ hopefully @ m @ ;;; I’ll post more stuff on it when i get there.

oh gosh oh gosh.


Monday, February 14, 2011

More Valentines for friends!!!!

Jenn is one of my great friends that i’ve had forever : > she’s really great to me n feel bad cuz i cant do more for her- but here’s a little something <3<3<3 ILUJENN! You’re an amazing great artist and friend :D


The Zo to my Co :U Zo I loff u to deaths n even if you love my cat more than me i’m okay with that cuz i get to me around you :D

Sunday, February 13, 2011

YUMMMMMM. Tomorrow/Monday is Valentines. At school from 7 am till 10pm.

oh well. When i get home- i'll continue my fierce love affair with DeadSpace 2.

have a good day guys <3 know i will.

(Working on Dead Space chibies for stickers- this is Isaac so far- work'n on coloring.)

Monday, February 7, 2011

HRMMMM. First project done for water color. round 9 x 12 size.

here i am behind on my blogspot posts again. Bad coey. : <
Had a nice critique for once in a long time.Not the usual- oh thats great...the body's nice...or I like the color choice there hmmm.... and then they trail off and thats all i hear. Not by someone in my class but friend of a friend had something to say. It was good, not mean at all but just want i needed to hear to get a jump start on a lack of personal progress. What they had to crit i felt the same way about / have for a while but just kinda tucked it on the back burner.

Sparked my want to apply to jobs again tho. Bettering my portfolio in the next year to hopefully apply somewhere nice if not my dream job *glances at sky- dreamy sigh*


Only worry i have with applying places is my range of portfolio pieces. I want to apply to game concept stuff because aside from art- its one of my passions- playing and concepting. Buuuuuttt- I dont think my portfolio reads as that of a concept artists/gameworks. I can pump out some work to fit it but then i get caught up on not knowing any of the 3d programs and I panic.

But who really gets their dream job after they graduate huh? No biggie.

motivation to improve is back. lack of time is a deterrent.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Just a few updates all at once. I need to remember ot update this along with my tumblr. need to figure out a mass blog editor. But i'm old and dont understand these new fangled things. blogs.

doodle done over break :> micron pen. Its a delightful splicer lady.

Birthday comic for shy. Been so burned on on happy chibi comissions (22 of them in two weeks) That all that came out for her birthday was apparently dumb depressing zombie comics. Oh well. she seemed to like it <3

MADALINE! Part one of Shy’s xmas present.

Madaline’s the pinup on the stock of Lendz’s gun.

The finished is a vinyl sticker that’s going on the stock of the rifle i got for her :D LOVE YOU SHY!!! pictures of it one the rifle in a week loffloff Love you shy! turned out a lot better than i thought it would. face was diff than what i normally do so was a nice surprise.

Figure drawing from class (Jan20/2011) I actually really hate the model (sorry if you see this dear- but oh well). She's so skinny its ugly. She can hold a pose great! But... well yeah. just not my fav : <