Thursday, August 6, 2009

Moleskin17// 4 scans

Right as we got back form Cali from Anime expo n comic con- we got a delightful visit from our good friend Jenn :D she's so much fun to hang out with! sad cuz we wont see her agian until september - going to miss her (she's leaving to morrow) but scanned some of the stuff from our long nights of staying up n drawing. there'll hopefully be more (gotta finish scanning)



Friday, June 26, 2009

character portraits+ CONS

XD character portraits I did for a steampunkrp i have going w/ friend Souls.
Reddford Lamb on right , Conley Pantaleon on right :B DORK NAMES ARGH I BURNS.
k back to con work-

Tuesday, June 9, 2009



at home (SC) visiting family and no scanner but felt like I should post something because I havent in forever. So sorry for bad pictures of sketchbook taken w/ phone.

Top are sketches of Phonograph bitches XD. lady bots w/ phonograph heads. they work for Reddford Lamb *character of mine :B*
Next is something required for school. a fully rendered horse..... this is how mine turned out XD dead . strangled. and bright red.
Last are cut outs form a lithograph I did of two lions fighting. F&N standing for Faust and Nywborn. two fighting families from a story of mine.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Fig King & Market

Fig King (antlerheaded fat body thing) and Market (the scrawny lil kid w / 4 ears XD)
I've been drawing the fig king a TONNN lately xD
actually I think I have a good 9 pages just of him in my sketch book @__@. mostly cuz he's been for a school project so been gett'n a lot of action =w=

doodle I did while hanging around at AP :3
done w/ blue pencil- color added in photoshop


Monday, April 6, 2009

Moleskin16// 2 pages

two pager of the Fig King. Spaz colored and normal.

Your fav?

I'm not sure. probably will end up doing a totally diff version for a print but for how- i shall show.

copic and red pencil. spaz color version = photoshop

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Because this is all I've been doing the last two days.
been in a half zombie half cuddle mood. Its been working out for Shy and my sketchbook.

Lets start from top ta bottoms then.

Top are just doodles of some of my characters / body types XD Oin the skinny lil bitch thing. Cole who's average/ on the fit side. and then Guy <3 my favsies w/ his average build + baby fat XD . next to them is a drawing of little white and the fig king :B (possible sketch for elec illust cards)

Middle are Frick n Filli drawings *hurhurhurkissies* Frick = girl. FIlli = guy. on the left though kinda forgot his markings x.x oh well @.@

Bottoms are drawing of shy n i XD <3 kissiesss :3 (probably my fav up there besides the colors in the frick filli kissy makeout uhoh one) and nother drawing of the fig king @.@ drawn him a lot lately. probably cuz there's shit I gotta draw him for in class.

anyway- ENJOY :D
all drawings = pencil + copic

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Card Project: 1/4 preview


just showing off some of my horrible drawings XD and then the final lines (for now..will probably change as I color ) for one of the illust story cards.
nother thing for school / personal work. doubles as both.
Shy is working on putting together the stories she has written of little white and little dark. we both have a ton of drawings for them but I wanted to make a mini series to go into the book. Also doubles as a 'card' project we have to do for elec.illust. aka learning photoshop n painter *AHHAHAHAHAH* . .... .. .

This is one of the 4. Little dark hunting w/ foxes. If she gives us time tomorrow I'll start coloring this or the other one I have sketched out. I plan on doing at least 4 drawings (fronts) and one back (designish bullshit). 5 cards in total 6x9 w/ borders around the drawings (fancy) :B

wow I'm a busy mofo x.x

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gouache Twins : Gordon & Weaver :

MORE CLASS PAINTING STUFF OaSDFKjadl dkjflajdlfksjlfdja lskdjfalfdkdf

I wanna sketch more guys T__T c'mon.

anyway. For Illust.Methods class. Due tomorrow is a gouache (first time ever using it so really happy) illustration of characters we made up using our street we grew up on + mothers maiden name. Mine being Weaver Gordon. Yeah no fun. Kinda like that name thing where you get your stripper name. street you grew up on n first pet's name? Pickles Gordon? yeah that's hot. ' hi my name is pickles gordon. I heard you boys had some nice pic....' anyway.

gouache 6x9

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fighting Dogs: Painting

'nother painting!!!

yeah all my classes this week have suddenly gone crazy w/ the whole paint thing. sooo along w/ two things I'm working in oils Iahve this one that we did for class- acrylic on wood and then starting something else....also paint...BAH! in calss tomorrow ....we'll see @___@

anyway- we had to pick from a couple themes - flower child (gay), insects (not bad- I had a few cool sketches), scarecrow (bahhh) or best in show (which I chose x.x) andd came up w/ these- :D hope ya like! gotta turn it in tomorrow.

my fav part is the blue.... and rounded corners *sanded them down while watching shy play L4D*

Friday, March 13, 2009


so guess its not just sketchbook after all : (
Paitning started today in Oil painting class @___@ *IHATEOILS*
anyway- week 1 out of 7 (class only once a week)
I like our model. I wanna see if she will sit for me sometime outside of class. paid of course. she's so lanky @___@ I loff it. *hint hint to any lanky scrawny girls or boys out there who wanna be drawn XDDDDD*

anyway this is after an hr of painting. sketch for the picture and then starting toput stuff down.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Moleskin16// 8pages

Update! and a bloody nose that will stay behind camera XD though I did spray a page in the book w/ it sooooo we'll see how that goes *shifty eyes*
in this book its mostly mixed media junk @.@

1st: double panel w/ freaky deaky animal head thigns + 3 arm bunny: Marker, acrylic pen, n red pencil

2nd : blue pencil drawings of classmates : mostly blue pencil. if not then tis marker or paint pen <3

3rd: Saints series WIP pics : Red beheaded - want to make the flames gold @.@ . Staff beside it? some thing I saw onilne that looked awesome BAM drawn . To right is poor beheaded saint drawing that I'm working on for lithography class. YESHHH. iffy bout adding color or value.

lastly-4th: Other Fav besides the 1st. left is dog bread saint woman? Dont ask me. Crazy people came up w/ it. I just drew it <3. Next to her Is nother saint concept. one of my favs so far. blue pencil


Monday, March 2, 2009

New Sketchbook! New Blog!

New blog.
Since I'm on my oh god uhhhh this is the 16th- 17th..... we'll call it the 16th finished sketch book I own and friends keep wanting to see stuff in them and I'm lazy- good time to start a blog to post little updates of stuff in them n stuff I guess.

This is the newest / not completed bout 60% done / not named. we'll call it Moleskin16./
Lots of mixed media wtf junk.
upadates to come. :D