Monday, January 24, 2011

Just a few updates all at once. I need to remember ot update this along with my tumblr. need to figure out a mass blog editor. But i'm old and dont understand these new fangled things. blogs.

doodle done over break :> micron pen. Its a delightful splicer lady.

Birthday comic for shy. Been so burned on on happy chibi comissions (22 of them in two weeks) That all that came out for her birthday was apparently dumb depressing zombie comics. Oh well. she seemed to like it <3

MADALINE! Part one of Shy’s xmas present.

Madaline’s the pinup on the stock of Lendz’s gun.

The finished is a vinyl sticker that’s going on the stock of the rifle i got for her :D LOVE YOU SHY!!! pictures of it one the rifle in a week loffloff Love you shy! turned out a lot better than i thought it would. face was diff than what i normally do so was a nice surprise.

Figure drawing from class (Jan20/2011) I actually really hate the model (sorry if you see this dear- but oh well). She's so skinny its ugly. She can hold a pose great! But... well yeah. just not my fav : <



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