Monday, February 7, 2011

HRMMMM. First project done for water color. round 9 x 12 size.

here i am behind on my blogspot posts again. Bad coey. : <


  1. Your characters always seem to have stories behind them; like they belong to their own myths and such. Are you planning on actually drawing out a comic or something with them or are they just stand alone images/perpetual projects?? (either one produces work I guess, but you seem to enjoy and be good at I wondered..'cause that would be interesting to

  2. For the most part they're all part of one story i have or another - or interpretations of the characters from those stories- not exactly doing stuff from said tale but yeh. This one was working on concepts for a fox character that cons kids- but still work'n on him. dont think i got it right at all as far as the character goes but I like it as a standalone illust. : >