Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fighting Dogs: Painting

'nother painting!!!

yeah all my classes this week have suddenly gone crazy w/ the whole paint thing. sooo along w/ two things I'm working in oils Iahve this one that we did for class- acrylic on wood and then starting something else....also paint...BAH! in calss tomorrow ....we'll see @___@

anyway- we had to pick from a couple themes - flower child (gay), insects (not bad- I had a few cool sketches), scarecrow (bahhh) or best in show (which I chose x.x) andd came up w/ these- :D hope ya like! gotta turn it in tomorrow.

my fav part is the blue.... and rounded corners *sanded them down while watching shy play L4D*


  1. i really love this one so a lot, baby. the lines just kill me-- even more before the paint but they're still gorgeous here. and i love the colours-- that redbrown against the bright fuckoff blue <3 the style of the faces--daflk ugsdfhCOMPOSITION
    uuuhhhggggg <3

  2. Woahhhh that bright blue outline is so awesome. It goes suprisingly well with it, and pops it out without being too prominent in the piece.

  3. Looks like they needs a bone before they gnaw their heads off :x

  4. Lovelllyy composition & concept :3 <3 <3 the color pallet tooo

  5. The painting is awesome! Your highlighting and everything is superb. I love this concept and it's execution.