Friday, March 13, 2009


so guess its not just sketchbook after all : (
Paitning started today in Oil painting class @___@ *IHATEOILS*
anyway- week 1 out of 7 (class only once a week)
I like our model. I wanna see if she will sit for me sometime outside of class. paid of course. she's so lanky @___@ I loff it. *hint hint to any lanky scrawny girls or boys out there who wanna be drawn XDDDDD*

anyway this is after an hr of painting. sketch for the picture and then starting toput stuff down.


  1. Oh~ Very nicely done.
    I love the soft lighting and the colours.
    Your strokes as always add a nice mystery to the image.

  2. Ahh, I love oil paints XD They are smeary and ...and smeary. I suck at painting though. And yes, lanky people are so fun to draw/paint.

    Is very nice, I likes!

  3. I have NEVER done oil painting, but to me it would seem so painful. I like to glop things on with acrylic, my teacher just recently got us into watering stuff down. IT"S ALL SO WEIRD. I just love how you handled the oil paints so differently than the standard. It's very strokey and cut into the image and I think it works super well.

  4. I saw this in the B&E today while looking for my painting. It looks really great!! It's really coming along. :)