Thursday, March 12, 2009

Moleskin16// 8pages

Update! and a bloody nose that will stay behind camera XD though I did spray a page in the book w/ it sooooo we'll see how that goes *shifty eyes*
in this book its mostly mixed media junk @.@

1st: double panel w/ freaky deaky animal head thigns + 3 arm bunny: Marker, acrylic pen, n red pencil

2nd : blue pencil drawings of classmates : mostly blue pencil. if not then tis marker or paint pen <3

3rd: Saints series WIP pics : Red beheaded - want to make the flames gold @.@ . Staff beside it? some thing I saw onilne that looked awesome BAM drawn . To right is poor beheaded saint drawing that I'm working on for lithography class. YESHHH. iffy bout adding color or value.

lastly-4th: Other Fav besides the 1st. left is dog bread saint woman? Dont ask me. Crazy people came up w/ it. I just drew it <3. Next to her Is nother saint concept. one of my favs so far. blue pencil



  1. I loooove the warm and cool colors of the first two. The last one, the human-headed-dog-thing is aawwweeesome. Are they all just straight ink or blue pencil? I can't really tell. =\

  2. Brilliant sketchbook pages Coey C:
    I cannot wait to see more. <3

  3. That thar is a Western crosier of Archbishop Heinrich of Finstingen. I'm that much of a dork that I know this.
    Your doodles are so amazingly colorful. I love the fluidity of them.
    What is this saints series? It looks neato. You should do one based on St. Erasmus. Srsly. If you dont know who he is, look him up. I think you'd get a kick out of the way he was martyred.

  4. Do you usually use the mmm, I am guessing the watercolor variety? I'm just curious.